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    UPDATE: Alisha is now going after her Registrar's License!!!

      Howdy...My name is Alisha and I show and breed Standard Rex and Cinnamon rabbits with my husband Mat. I was big into breeding and showing when I was in my early-mid teens and was top in Youth Points in both Michigan and in the country for several different breeds. I slowly got out of rabbits and into horses.

      In 2011 I received a trio of Rex, which got me back into a hobby that I've always loved. From then and now we are already in the top 25 for points in the country for breed points, top 5 for Opal color points, and top 3 for colored fur points. 

     I have owned, bred, and shown just about every recognized breed and have decided to get back into one of the first breeds I had ever owned...Standard Rexs. I no longer have the time or resources to get back to having 200-300 rabbits like I once had. So I am severely focusing on QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. If it is not something I want my name on it goes to a cull buyer or our freezer. 

       Mat on the other hand is brand new to the world of show rabbits. So he's learning. Even though he finds rabbit shows boring, he enjoys working with them and some friendly competition.

       We always have our eyes out for a quality rabbit that would be a good addition to our breeding program. Willing to travel/ship the right rabbit(s).

    We specialize mainly in Agoutis and occasionally have otters available. In October 2013 we introduced Cinnamons to the barn and are very pleased with how they are doing on the show tables. How first homegrown doe was able to compete for BIS at her first show at 3 months old.   

    A n  M Abbott Farms also has a quality SPB APHA stallion. We believe color does not make the horse. He has an amazing temperament and trainability that surpasses that of any other horse I have worked with. With limited showing he has won over several thousand dollars in just 2 or 3 shows. He holds both a Futurity Champion title as well as a Reserve Futurity Champion title. He has the mind and movement to go into any direction I point him in. He has not been in the show ring lately as I have been to busy with school to finish him out to a degree that I would be happy with. 

    The Kids A Star should have 90 days of professional training to finish him out for western pleasure by spring 2015. If everything goes as planned his first show will be Cowboy Christmas this November at MSU as a test run and he will hit the APHA circuit in 2015. We are hoping to make it to worlds in 2015 as well. 

 *Now that I am back into rabbits I'll once again be going after my registrars licence and I am looking for 4-H shows and/or fairs to judge at. 

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