The cost of the rabbit depends on the quality, color, breed, and bloodlines. Prices are subject to change and may vary. Rabbits that are being bought for showing/breeding purposes will come with full pedigrees. Pet rabbits MAY NOT.


I require a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to hold any stock, for an agreed amount of time.  If you decide to back out of the deal, you WILL NOT get  your deposit back. If I back out of a deal, you will get your money back. 

If I am holding an animal for longer than one week (except for young animals that are pre-purchased) I will require an additional $5 +/- per week per animal to cover the cost of feed and care. This cost may change due to the amount of feed the animal is consuming, cos t of feed, etc. 

 Payment must be paid in full before delivery of any animal(s) - 
At this time I DO NOT SHIP RABBITS, but can meet at a show or I will also deliver at a reasonable distance for gas money, AND will meet in public....

 I can not guarantee an animal will win on the show table or produce offspring.  I do not control the Judge's Opinions, nature, etc.  

Any brood animal (Buck or Doe) that is sold as "brood" have produced for me. These are animals that are past their prime and not intended to be shown....I CAN NOT guarantee that they produce for their new owners. Any animal not sold as "brood" have not been proven, this does not mean that they will not be able to produce in the future. Any animal sold as a "pet" may or may not come with a pedigree and is not intended to be used for breeding and/or showing. If being sold as a brood prospect it means I do not consider them show quality (this can be due to broken tail/toe, white spot, etc) and would be a good rabbit to produce show offspring, but has not yet been bred. 

If i have to travel to meet a person, You must pay travel expense!             __________________________________________________________________________    

         Hold: Someone is interested and I am waiting for the deposit (Still inquire)

: Deposit has been received and the Rabbit is no longer available

                    Sold: Buyer has picked up the Rabbit

 PayPal Payments You can pay the deposit if you wish via paypal. Payments must be sent as a gift or a 2% fee will be added to the total purchase price to cover the pay pay fees.
 *All the babies must retain the name "Wessel's" on their pedigrees, and will have a "W" as the first part of their Ear Number. If they come from Mathew's old stock they will also have an "A" at the end of their Ear Number. The rest of the Ear Number will consist of 3 Numbers.

*All the rabbits will have a tattoo before they will leave, some may already have a name as well, please DO NOT change these names.

*If I don't feel like my rabbit's will go to a good home I WILL NOT sell them to you. 

 *Pets cannot be shown or used for breeding.

*Brood stock includes animals that have been used in the breeding program and should not be shown. 


                Cash & PayPal Only!

All rabbits must be paid in full before they can leave.....

Rabbits cannot leave until they are at least 8 weeks old.

I will only replace a rabbit if death occurs within 7 days of Purchase.  And ONLY if it was something that was caused at my own home.  I will NOT replace the rabbit if it contracted something outside of my rabbitry, was attacked by a predator, or was injured as these are all conditions that are out of my control. You MUST contact me within 7 days and send me proof from a licensed Exotic Veterinarian that the animal died from something that was caused before they left my barn. 

The Buyer should check over the Rabbit(s) before purchase. Deposits will not be refunded on animals purchased site unseen. A deposit in this case will ONLY be refunded if the animal is the wrong sex or color as listed, a deposit will not be refunded if the animal has already left my possession. 

If at any time you no longer want or can not care for the rabbit(s) I will take the rabbit(s) back, but I will not refund or buy the animal(s) back

I am not responsible for anything after the Rabbit leaves my Barn
If I feel the Rabbit may not be taken care of or may be Abused or Neglected in any way, I will not sell my bunny to you!


All buyers will be held accountable for the information contained in this policy even if they have not read it.  I will only replace or refund the cost of a rabbit if the following were to happen

- If a rabbit becomes sick within 7 days of purchase (You must contact me within these first 7 days and the illness MUST be something that the animal contracted before it left my barn)

- If a rabbit dies within 7 days of purchase. (something is caught in my barn must have been the main reason that the rabbit died)
-If ill, the animal must be returned along with proof that the illness was contracted from my barn will be needed from a Veterinarian.
-If the animal died, proof that the animal died from something that happened in my barn will still be needed from a Veterinarian.
-Proof from Veterinarians must be obtained from a Licensed Exotic Animal Veterinarian
-No vet bills will be reimbursed
-Buyer should check Animal(s) over making sure they are satisfied before finalizing purchase
-We are not responsible for injuries that occur after the rabbit leaves our hands. 
If we feel the rabbit was in any way neglected we will not refund or replace the animal.
-I will not replace a rabbit because of wrong sex. Mistakes are sometimes made when dealing with younger animals. It is up to the buyer to make sure they are receiving the correct sex before finalizing their purchase. 
Delivery to shows or third party delivery
No refunds will be given on animals that are delivered to a show or that are delivered by means of a third party/transporter that become ill, injured, and so on.
There are thousands of animals present at shows and it is beyond my control what an animal may come down with from other animals at shows. Also shows can be stressful and if the rabbit dies due to stress or is injured once it leaves my possession I am not liable.
Many things can go wrong when using a third party to transport animals. It is out of my control on how animals are cared for, transported, and what they come in contact with once they leave my possession and are in the care of the transporter. No Refunds will be given if somethign happens due to the result of something that happened while being transported.

A Special Thanks to Evie's Tulips Rabbitry for letting me use their Sale Policy as a template....
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